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Setup Current-RMS Integration

Current-RMS is a cloud based solution for equipment rental, hiring and sales - A key requirement for certain users in this market is that the equipment be PAT tested on a frequent basis.

Current-RMS recently deployed an Inspection and Tests module for tracking test results as well as knowing when to re-test certain assets.

Why integrate with PATorganiser?

PATorganiser handles retrieving testing data from PAT devices, feeds, files and exports all in one location. Once your Current-RMS assets are linked in PATorganiser, Inspection Result data can automatically flow into Current-RMS as soon as it's available.

PATorganiser is compatible with a majority of testing devices available today as well as allowing file imports or manual entry.

Enable the Current-RMS API

The first steps for integrating with PATorganiser are to enable the Current-RMS API if it hasn't already been enabled.

  1. Sign into Current-RMS as you would normally
  2. Navigate to System Setup and select Integrations
  1. Open the API Integration

4. Set the API to be Enabled (if not already) and issue a new key and press Update

  1. In PATorganiser, open Settings and select Current-RMS
  1. Enter the Sub-Domain that you use to login to Current-RMS (E.g. as well as the API key created in the previous step and save. The details will be checked and connection status should change to be green if successful

Note: The Sub-Domain for the following example Current-RMS URL,, is acmecorp

Well done! At this point, PATorganiser is setup to communicate with Current-RMS. If you're having trouble, please reach out to for assistance.

Note: Access the article on Adding Assets to PATorganiser from Current-RMS